Design, is a tool that is used to provide answers and solutions. The designer's skill is in using that tool to its best effect, and to do that the designer needs to know the problem. That's where clear and precise direction and asking questions of the client comes in. There is no point in choosing a chain saw to trim a bush or a pair of scissors to cut the grass. Find out the problem, the goals and objective and plan and design accordingly.

Every design project addresses a specific problem, whether it is about showing your customers why they should buy your product or the most effective and pleasing way to get from point A to point B.

The designer's role is to provide an answer to the problem that satisfies their client who presented the problem and the client's audience who might not know they wanted the product but now can't live without it.

Design is not about the designer, it's not about the client, it's about solving the problems in the most effective way.

John Devaney

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